Holiday Specials

Public Holiday Specials becomes available one month before the upcoming holiday.  See you soon!!!

Valentines Special

February 14 is around the corner once again, so why not treat your loved ones this Valentines with a package from us! Deadline for all confirmed orders- Thursday 08th February, 2018.

Our Valentines Specialty Cake

A 2 Layer 6" Semi Naked Chocolate Cake that is covered in Dripping Chocolate and garnished with Strawberries and French Macarons- $500.00

Our Valentines Dessert Box

This box comprises of: 2 French Macarons;  1 chocolate mousse; 1 turtle brownie and; 2 buttercream frosted Cupcakes- $175.00

(serving size: 1)

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Due to fast spoilage and shortage around this time of the year, we have decided not to have strawberries on our menu this year.

Valentine Cupcakes

12 Confetti Cupcakes with Strawberry filling Garnished with Drizzled Chocolate and Sprinkles- $180.00

12 Confetti Cupcakes Garnished with Hearts- $150.00

Additional Options

12 Gourmet Sugar Cookies- $180.00

12 French Macaron- $180.00