since 2014
Our Story
Hmm there isn’t much to tell at all.. 

All my life I loved to bake, when I was happy, sad or angry, I baked. It calmed me and brought me great joy. After receiving poor academic advice however, I chose a different path and went into the field of Social Work. It became my second love and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. I was ready to conquer the world, to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place! I had plans to work and apply for my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I just had one minor setback before I followed through with my life plan- Surgery.. However little did I know that this surgery would have changed everything! 

Within the three months of recovery, I decided to do some simple classes to pass the time- cake and pastry making and cake decorating at Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institution. After all, I loved baking! Moreover, at that time my life partner had two jobs one of which was working at Chaud Restaurant. He would show me pictures all the delicious desserts the Pastry Chef would make; which inspired me even more. Now more than ever I wanted to do what he was doing. 


I got my certificates from TTHTI, but still had no job, no calls, no interview, no nothing after applying for different positions in the social work sector. I took it upon myself to start my own cake art establishment. While I had no expertise in business and no funding, I had determination and the support of my family, life partner and friends. So I embarked on this venture to do what I love.   

On 14th September, 2013 I launched Lee-Ann’s Cakery Facebook page and I registered the business in 2014. From there I started to build clientele and when I did get a job, this became something part time since the business was still growing. My life partner and I never gave up because we saw the big picture. People were recognizing our talent and overall, our cakes tasted delicious. In 2015 I resigned from my Social Work job as Co-ordinator not because I hated it, I loved the children but I felt burnt out, stressed out and I needed to put my health first.

And what happened next still shocks me even up to this day. The week before resigning we literally got booked up with orders. God works in mysterious ways; He sees all and knows all! Since 2013 we have grown so much, our skills have improved drastically, and we are still growing, we still have so much more to learn, so much more to give and so much more to show Trinidad and Tobago. But none of this would have ever been made possible without God. He knows our path, our destiny; it still amazes me to see that I ended up doing what I love.


So to our valued customers and onlookers, I leave you with this- Doing what you love and loving what you do is the cornerstone of happiness- never give up.